Do I need a tablet to run RIDEPLAY tv?

Do I need a tablet to run RIDEPLAY tv?

Yes, you need a tablet specifically, an Android tablet. Currently RIDEPLAY tv only supports Android and the app will be available on Apple IOS very soon.  Put that dusty tablet to work for you, or grab one from a family member that's been tucked away in their closet. You can also find tablets priced under $100 on Amazon.
Currently we are providing a $50 rebate for Android tablets only.  Rebates are paid to drivers who provide a receipt of purchase and maintain a good driver score for 6 consecutive months.

1. Drivers can qualify with an 8 inch or larger screen format to best display our entertainment and advertising content.

2. Drivers must have a tablet with a data plan or tether their tablet to their phone.

3. Drivers must send us a photo of the app running on their tablet to:

Download the app here:   Google Play Store 
Here is a list of some of the tablets you can buy

$69.99 Lectrus Tablet 10 inch Android

$59.98 TPSPAD 10.1 Inch Android

$59.98 PRITOM 10'' Tablet Android

$75.43 MAGCH X10 10 inch Android 

$67.99 TPZ 10 inch Android

Amazon Fire Tablets do not have a Sim Card Slot. Therefore, they need to be tethered to your phone while playing the app. Also read Installing Google Play Store in your Amazon Fire Tablet
If any of the recommended tablets are not available, you can browse tablets in Amazon.

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