How do I qualify for payment?

How do I qualify for payment?

To Qualify for payment, follow these easy steps to qualify for payment.

1.) Install the latest version of RIDEPLAY tv on to your tablet and mount it to your head rest.   

Need an inexpensive tablet?  Click Here to shop for $50-$80 tablets.        
Need a headrest mount?  Click Here and and we will ship one to you.        
2.) Connect your tablet to the internet via data plan or tether it to a mobile phone while doing rides.
3.) Upload a photo of your tablet plugged in, mounted to your headrest and playing RIDEPLAY tv.
Click Here to Upload your qualifying photo into our system.
Drive your normal, full time routine, with RIDEPLAY tv playing for at least 30 days to match advertisers with your driving activity.

Earn higher tips and ratings with our free content while waiting to complete our evaluation period. Our Ad rev-share evaluation period takes up to 30 days before you are qualified and paid.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to qualify for payment.

Apple IOS drivers are eligible for paid, special event Gigs but are not yet eligible for ad rev-share campaigns. That is coming very soon.

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    • What options are available to me if I'm having problems with the qualification process?

      1. Click here to read more about the qualification process.  2. Visit to chat with one of our support operators.  3. Click here to open a support ticket that will respond to you via email. ​ 4. Visit to ...
    • How much do I get paid?

      Drivers are paid for both Gigs and Campaigns 1. Gigs pay drivers a set amount, once per gig. Gigs are based on location and run for a short duration of time, typically during events.  Gigs have specific requirements and pay in addition to campaign ...
    • Drivers will receive an email with a link to receive their funds.

      Once you are a qualified driver, keep an eye out for a payment email from us via with a link to receive funds.  Make sure to check your spam.  We advise drivers not to sign up with Wise until they receive the payment email from us.   As a ...
    • How much do I get paid?

      Drivers are paid for both Special Events (Gigs) and Campaigns 1. Campaigns pay drivers an amount based on their app usage every month. Once you qualify for campaigns, you are eligible for a monthly revenue share from our advertisers.  Depending on ...
    • Why can it take up to 60 days to receive the first payment?

      As a publisher, we have to wait for advertisers to pay us before we can pay you.   1st - We report stats to advertisers. 2nd - We bill for those advertisements 30 days later. 3rd - Advertisers pay us sometimes 30 days later. 4th - Drivers are paid a ...