What is the difference between Special Events (Gigs) and Campaigns?

What is the difference between Special Events (Gigs) and Campaigns?

Both Special Events (Gigs) and Campaigns Pay Drivers

Campaigns are ads that pay drivers a revenue share of geo-targeted advertisements. Campaigns are always running in every city, every day.  
Gigs are special events that pay drivers a revenue share of sponsored advertisements.  Gigs asks drivers to pick up and drop off at a particular location as much as possible. 

Special Events
Runs constantly and pays drivers from ads that run based on their location.
Run during events like trades shows for a set period of time, typically for 5 days.
Campaigns are a source of steady income and pays qualified drivers monthly.  The amount paid depends on how much you drive.
Special Events pay qualified drivers a bonus for full time driving during the event dates.  The amount paid is typically a flat fee.
Qualifying requires a photo and takes around 30 days.
Qualifying requires a photo, takes around 5 days and automatically qualifies you for Campaigns.
Campaigns pay typically within 30 days after qualifying.
Special Events (Gigs) pays quickly, within 15 days.

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