How do I get started with RIDEPLAY tv?

How do I get started with RIDEPLAY tv?

 Below are tips on how to get the show on the road.


Installing the RIDEPLAY tv app is easy.

If you signed up with RIDEPLAY tv through our website, you should have received a welcome email with links to download our app onto your Apple IOS or Andriod tablet. 

There are a couple ways to install the app on the tablet:  

1) Check your email on your tablet for the welcome email mentioned above. 

2) Use your tablet to search the App Store or Google Play Store for RIDEPLAY tv Player app and install.

3) Browse on your tablet, look for the App Store & Google Play Store icons and tap them to begin the download.


Registering within the RIDEPLAY tv app is quick.

It takes about 3 minutes to access the app and start airing content. 

1) Simply install the app and complete the registration screen.   

2) Your account will be immediately activated and you can begin airing content right away.   

3) Give the app about 15 minutes to download offline content and assemble the channel selection. 

You will receive further communication as you begin your evaluation period.  In the meantime, earn more tips and entertain your passengers! 


We have access to discounted mount options that range from $10 to $60 shipped.

$43  Arkon | Budget friendly tablet headrest mount is a road trip essential.

$10 Tryone Ultra budget friendly and is quick and easy to mount.


Once you have installed & registered the RIDEPLAY tv app on your tablet, sign-in, mount and plug the tablet into your car port. 

Once completed, take a picture, and upload photo.  This will upload your qualifying photo.

One of the coolest features of our app is the new Driver Wallet beta program.  It records ad revenue that you can later cash out if you become a qualified driver. 

To learn more about becoming a qualified driver, click here. 

To learn how the Driver Wallet beta program works, click to watch our video.


How long does it take to get paid?  How do I get paid?  Great questions.

Click here to watch our Driver Wallet video to learn more.

Once you are done watching the video, click here to read details on our payment terms.

Ad rev-share is currently not availble on Apple IOS but is coming very soon.
Apple users, our app works great, entertain your passengers with our free content until we have an app update for you.


Learn how to earn more money and find your way into RIDEPLAY tv's three different High Roller Driver Clubs!

Click here to find out more information!


Watch driver's testimonials on how they made car payments with the money earned through paid campaigns.

Click here to watch what they have to say.

Earn $20 per referral for new qualified drivers.  You'll be $20 richer for every referral who becomes a qualified driver!

Click here to watch how.

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