Keeping the RIDEPLAY tv app update ensures you get the advertisers first.

Keeping the RIDEPLAY tv app update ensures you get the advertisers first.

It’s important to keep RIDEPLAY tv updated.

Our technology is constantly evolving with new features, content and advertisers.

We are constantly focused on brining in revenue for drivers with the addition of new advertisers.  Every month we are increasing our driver's potential to earn money from our rev-share program.  

Put your tablet to work for you!  Mount it, connect it and entertain your passengers with RIDEPLAY tv.

To access our new advertisers and increase your earning potential, go to the Google Play store and update RIDEPLAY tv to the latest version.
Here's a link to download our latest version on your Android device.
Make sure to download this to your Android tablet and not your phone.

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    • How do I get started with RIDEPLAY tv?

       Below are tips on how to get the show on the road. INSTALL ON YOUR TABLET Installing the RIDEPLAY tv app is easy. If you signed up with RIDEPLAY tv through our website, you should have received a welcome email with links to download our app onto ...
    • Downloading the app is easy.

      Installing RIDEPLAY tv is simple.  The only thing to remember is that RIDEPLAY tv plays on your tablet, not. your phone.  Downloading the app takes up to 15 minutes. The first download takes time because it's downloading the lion's share of content.  ...
    • What does the RIDEPLAY tv content look like?

      RIDEPLAY tv is curated content catered to the rideshare audience.  Our goal is to enhance the rideshare experience by lifting the mood, creating laughter and engagement. Below are videos that showcase the RIDEPLAY tv experience:
    • Does RIDEPLAY tv support both Android and Apple IOS?

      Currently RIDEPLAY tv supports both Android and Apple products however Android pays more often.   That is because Apple only pays for Gigs while Android pays for both Gigs and Campaigns.  Read more about the difference between Gigs and Campaigns. ...
    • How do I prevent passengers from exiting the RIDEPLAY tv app?

      Apple iOS  The IOS operating system provides a kiosk mode called Guided Access.  Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Learning.   Turn on the Guided Access Button.   Then, when you launch RIDEPLAY tv, tap the home button three times.   This ...