Do you need internet data on the tablet or WiFi?

Do you need internet data on the tablet or WiFi?

Short answer, yes!.  The RIDEPLAY tv app needs a connection to stream content and serve ads.

Data usage has been approximately 2-4 GB/month. We upload new content in the early morning, so before you head on the road you can download new content via WiFi.  Make sure to allow the app at least 15 minutes to download content while you are near WiFi.  The app sniffs for wifi twice a day. Once around 5 am and once around 11 pm. If it finds wifi, it will start downloading new content.  The app runs in the background so if you have the tablet near wifi when you're home, it should automatically download the content.

Take advantage of your data provider's promotions and add a second device, or upgrade to a larger plan for tethering your cell phone to your tablet.

Data plans are becoming less expensive, so check with your provider on the latest plans. You may find updating your current plan to a newer version will give you more data and actually cost less, or even support another device for free. 

Click the links below to check promotions and prices.

Click below to download the RIDEPLAY tv app to your tablet and platform of choice.
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