How much do I get paid?

How much do I get paid?

Drivers are paid for both Special Events (Gigs) and Campaigns

1. Special Events pay drivers a set amount, once per Special Event.

Special Events or Gigs, are based on location and run for a short duration of time, typically during festivals or events.  Special Events have specific requirements and pay in addition to campaign revenue share opportunities.  Special Events pay differently depending on the sponsor that comes on to our platform for each event.  The qualification period for Special Events is typically only 3-5 days before the Event start date.  Special Events pay within 15 days.

2. Campaigns pay drivers an amount based on their app usage every month.

Once you qualify for campaigns, you are eligible for a monthly revenue share from our advertisers.  Depending on the app usage and advertisers, drivers make $20 - $150 per month for playing RIDEPLAY tv.  This is why we ask drivers to drive with RIDEPLAY tv every ride.  This money adds up and typically pays for gas, insurance, car payments.
Click here to learn more about the 3 step “Qualification Process”.
Drivers benefit from entertaining passengers by receiving higher tips and ratings while waiting to qualify.

3. Drivers are paid through extra tips.

After polling drivers, nearly 100% have seen increased tips.  Scroll down to see actual driver screenshots of drivers making over $150 in tips.  In addition they are reporting higher ratings.

The more more you drive the more you can be paid.

Drivers making lots of trips have see enough extra money to cover car payments.  Revenue sharing depends solely on the amount you drive. 
Click here to see a basic profit projection chart.    You may have to wait for critical mass to build before you are paid for a campaign. 
Below are screenshots of tips from actual drivers:
Over $150 in tips. Passengers like to be entertained!
Over $100 in tips. Passengers like to be entertained!

Below are reviews from actual rideshare riders.

Passengers like to be entertained!
Passengers like to be entertained!

Add the luxury of entertainment to your rides now.  Download our app to your tablet and register today!

Installing RIDEPLAY tv is simple.  
Make sure to download the app on to your tablet, not your phone. 
Download the RIDEPLAY tv Player on your Android tablet by clicking the Google play logo below:

Download RIDEPLAY tv on your Apple IOS tablet by clicking the AppStore logo below:

Advertiser rev-share is currently not availble on Apple IOS but is coming very soon.

Apple IOS drivers are eligible for Special Events (Gigs)

Apple users, our app works great for Special Events and entertaining passengers, earn higher tips & ratings with our free content.

Below are photos of qualifying photos.

Click here to Upload photo into our system, qualifying you as an active driver.

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