Quickstart Guide

Quickstart Guide

Below is a quick start guide to help you get started playing content in minutes.  

Getting started with RIDEPLAY tv is as simple as: Signing up below, installing the app and mounting your tablet to your headrest. 

1. Signing up here will generate an email that you can open on your tablet to download our app: 

2. Open Google play or The App Store on your tablet of choice, search for RIDEPLAY tv Player and install the app directly on your tablet.

Make sure to download the app on to your tablet, not your phone.  The first download takes about 15 minutes, make sure the tablet is connected to WIFI and not cellular data for the first download.  The following downloads should require much less bandwidth.
Download the RIDEPLAY tv Player on your Android tablet by clicking the Google play logo below:

3. After everything is installed, take a photo of the tablet mounted, plugged in and playing our content. 
Upload photo into our system, qualifying you as an active driver.
4. Please make sure to look for text messages or emails to upload your qualifying photo of the app installed in your car.
NOTE: Special event Gigs are available but rev-share campaigns are currently not availble on Apple IOS but is coming very soon. Apple users: our app works great, work paid gigs and entertain your passengers with our free content until we have an app update for you.

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