How to become an active driver and earn ad revenue, gig revenue, higher tips and ratings.

How to become an active driver and earn ad revenue, gig revenue, higher tips and ratings.

Get paid for adding the luxury of entertainment for your riders.

Become an active driver today by visiting on your tablet and downloading our app.

1. Paid Campaigns (Gigs) - Check texts and emails about Gigs in your area.

2. Revenue Share - RIDEPLAY tv pays drivers from advertiser dollars.

3. Tips - Drivers have seen up to a 200% increase in tips & ratings by providing the luxury of entertainment to riders.  

RIDEPLAY tv is a publisher of premium content such as Chive tv, Buzztime, Newsy, 20th Century Fox, and much more.  

Watch the video below to learn more about our program.

Drivers must qualify for paid campaigns / Gigs in their area to receive a revenue share from ad revenue.  Click here to read more about the qualification process.

DOWNLOAD the RIDEPLAY tv app to your tablet:

Ad rev-share is currently not availble on Apple IOS but is coming very soon.
Apple IOS drivers are eligible for Gigs / Campaigns

Apple users, our app works great, earn higher tips & ratings by entertaining your passengers with our free content until we have an app update for you.  We will notify you as soon as it's ready to roll!

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    • How much do I get paid?

      Drivers are paid for both Gigs and Campaigns 1. Gigs pay drivers a set amount, once per gig. Gigs are based on location and run for a short duration of time, typically during events.  Gigs have specific requirements and pay in addition to campaign ...
    • How do I get started with RIDEPLAY tv?

       Below are tips on how to get the show on the road. INSTALL ON YOUR TABLET Installing the RIDEPLAY tv app is easy. If you signed up with RIDEPLAY tv through our website, you should have received a welcome email with links to download our app onto ...
    • What is Driver Wallet?

      Want to know your estimated pay date and pay amount? Follow the quick guide below on how to easily access your driver wallet.
    • How do I refer a New Driver?

      Simply go to to enter your mobile number and the new driver's mobile number. We pay $20 for every referral that turn into qualified drivers after 5-30 days. Watch the video below for more information.
    • What is the difference between Special Events (Gigs) and Campaigns?

      Both Special Events (Gigs) and Campaigns Pay Drivers Campaigns are ads that pay drivers a revenue share of geo-targeted advertisements. Campaigns are always running in every city, every day.   Gigs are special events that pay drivers a revenue share ...