Drivers will receive an email with a link to recieve their funds.

Drivers will receive an email with a link to recieve their funds.

We pay qualified drivers for campaigns through Transfer Wise.   Once you are a qualified driver, keep an eye out for a payment email from us with a link to receive funds.  Make sure to check spam as it could take as much as 30-60 days to arrive, depending on your qualification period.  We advise drivers not to sign up with TransferWise until they receive the payment email from us.  If you want to sign up with TransferWise before receiving the payment email from us, make sure to use the same email and mobile number you used to register within our app or payment may not route properly to your account. 

Moving forward, we will fund your TransferWise account with payments, from there you can transfer the funds to a banking institution of your choice.
Sign up for a Transfer Wise account here:
As a backup we have paid drivers with PayPal. 
Sign up for a PayPal account here:  

First time payments are always the lowest.  In following months, payments typically grow in amount as we continue to traffic more advertisers to your device.  Your first payment is not an indication of future payments.  Some drivers have made an additional $150/month with RIDEPLAY tv.

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