What is Driver Wallet?

What is Driver Wallet?

Want to know your estimated pay date and pay amount? Follow the quick guide below on how to easily access your driver wallet.

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    • How do I refer a New Driver?

      Simply go to www.rideplay.tv/referral to enter your mobile number and the new driver's mobile number. We pay $20 for every referral that turn into qualified drivers after 5-30 days. Watch the video below for more information.
    • How do I get started with RIDEPLAY tv?

       Below are tips on how to get the show on the road. INSTALL ON YOUR TABLET Installing the RIDEPLAY tv app is easy. If you signed up with RIDEPLAY tv through our website, you should have received a welcome email with links to download our app onto ...
    • How to become an active driver and earn ad revenue, gig revenue, higher tips and ratings.

      Get paid for adding the luxury of entertainment for your riders. Become an active driver today by visiting www.rideplay.tv/drivers on your tablet and downloading our app. 1. Paid Campaigns (Gigs) - Check texts and emails about Gigs in your area. 2. ...
    • RIDEPLAY tv is not responsible for hardware.

      We do not replace any of our driver's hardware.  We recommend adding the tablet to your renters or home owners insurance.  Please speak with your professional insurance provider.   
    • Drivers will receive an email with a link to receive their funds.

      Once you are a qualified driver, keep an eye out for a payment email from us via wise.com with a link to receive funds.  Make sure to check your spam.  We advise drivers not to sign up with Wise until they receive the payment email from us.   As a ...